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The Flavors of War Rising – Berenjenas Fritas Con Miel

When drafting War Rising, I wanted to be able to conjure positive memories for Rayne since he has to face so many dark ones. Rayne is a character who refuses to talk about his past, so I had to find various ways to motivate him to start telling his story. I figured using dinners featuring foods he could have eaten with his human family … Read More The Flavors of War Rising – Berenjenas Fritas Con Miel

Book Warehouse & The Writers Guild of Virginia Partnership

I am delighted to be one of The Writers Guild of Virginia authors participating in this new initiative featuring local authors in the Williamsburg area. You can now purchase signed copies of Tale of Rouen and Mark of The Night from the Book Warehouse location in the Prime Outlet Malls. Lynn Underwood – a local author, Jeanne Johansen – President of High Tide Publications, … Read More Book Warehouse & The Writers Guild of Virginia Partnership


Carnevale! History & Horsemen Edition.

One of my favorite holidays is Mardi Gras. Or as other parts of the world call it, Carnival or in Italy- Carnevale! I enjoy participating in all of the various festivities the holiday brings. It has also been a research topic for me as an undergraduate and graduate student. The holiday most likely got its start in Antiquity. Carnevale developed from the Greek and … Read More Carnevale! History & Horsemen Edition.


Romance & Wrath With Blackberry Crêpes

Podcast Link for those who would rather listen: https://catastrophicramblings.buzzsprout.com/1991756/12233250-romance-blackberries-wrath The blackberry is often overshadowed by its brightly red-colored peer, the strawberry, on romantic holidays. This is such a tragedy. One should not underestimate the ability of the blackberry to add sweet flavors to a variety of desserts and dishes. It is equally delicious with chocolate, not to mention some people believe it is just … Read More Romance & Wrath With Blackberry Crêpes

My first book cover!

Graphic designer Tito Zevallos created it for me.

The Romance of Train Travel Across Europe

There is something romantic about riding a train across the Italian countryside.  I love train travel in Europe.  Some of my favorite images of England were the trees, ponds, country homes, flowered walls, gardens and ancient cottages/flats on the train ride from Stratford to Windsor. Train travel is so much easier than flying. No security checks, reasonable lines, friendly faces of conductors who are … Read More The Romance of Train Travel Across Europe