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The First Encounter Book Cover featuring mounted knights with weapons raised.

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About Caterina

DSC_0179-Edit-2Caterina is a storyteller and adventurer. She is passionate about history, music, romance, old languages, legend, and travel. She regularly intertwines these subjects in her writing.  While she is a fan of all history, her historical interests are primarily in the Ancient Mediterranean, Early Europe (Middle Ages through the Renaissance), Al-Andalus, Amazigh History, Islamic Civilization, Cultural Heritage and Heritage Politics.

She loves cappuccino, Greek coffee, and a good glass of wine. Storytelling and transmission of history and tradition through intangible heritage fascinates her.

When not traveling or working, Caterina finds time to sing classical music, act, write, paint, make soutache jewelry, and fence. She is always up for trying something new, so the list of hobbies is ever-expanding.

Caterina enjoys meeting new folks and networking. If you would like to contact her or learn more about her and future works, you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Or sign up for her email list and get a free short story to enjoy.