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Summer 2015 Venturing in the United Kingdom

Summer 2015 will be an exciting one! I find myself fortunate enough to experience a second extended trip abroad. This time I am spending a few weeks in the UK to learn some English, Welsh, and Scottish history. I even have a planned stop in Jersey. For those of you that are scratching your head reading Jersey, it is an island in the English … Read More Summer 2015 Venturing in the United Kingdom

Illusions of Unity

I wrote this piece for a class assignment when living in Italy earlier this year. The class spent a great deal of time focusing on the Risorgimento and the unification of Italy. I really enjoyed the class and the various assignments we completed for it. The letter is that of a woman outlining her life and experiences of the times. The assignment also required us to demonstrate some of the biases and divides within the country as it unified. Happy reading!