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“I don’t see any history or heritage in your books.”

Wait! What?! This statement made by a reviewer took me aback. I write historical fantasy, time travel, romance, and historical fiction. Academically and professionally, I am a public historian and cultural heritage consultant. Had I botched incorporating aspects of history and heritage that badly? Perplexed, the first things I asked myself after hearing this remark were: Did I fail to world-build properly? Did I … Read More “I don’t see any history or heritage in your books.”


The End of Another Italian Adventure

Here I sit, contemplating the end of another semester abroad. As usual, the semester flew by way too fast once courses got into full swing and thesis research commenced. I didn’t regularly blog. I didn’t get half the things done I planned, nor did I write as much on the thesis as I anticipated. I learned that advanced field research is exceptionally challenging and … Read More The End of Another Italian Adventure


Rome is A Woman

Contrary to the patriarchal beliefs of the most well known group to rule her, Rome is a woman. There is no fatherland; only a mother who nurtured western civilization. The ruins decorating her green and beige landscape display her courage. The changes from Antiquity to the Modern Age across her expanses share the lessons evolving her over the centuries. She rises with wisdom and … Read More Rome is A Woman

Simple Joys Of An Archer

Lost in a breathless moment The hand trembles holding the tension in the shoulder, eyes intently focused on a small round red pin top. A warm breeze whispers: “Relax, keep your eyes center on where you want to go.” Willing with heart and soul the straight path to be clear of obstacles and easily followed. Soft elk leather brushes the skin of my cheek; … Read More Simple Joys Of An Archer

My first book cover!

Graphic designer Tito Zevallos created it for me.