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The Flavors of War Rising – Berenjenas Fritas Con Miel

When drafting War Rising, I wanted to be able to conjure positive memories for Rayne since he has to face so many dark ones. Rayne is a character who refuses to talk about his past, so I had to find various ways to motivate him to start telling his story. I figured using dinners featuring foods he could have eaten with his human family … Read More The Flavors of War Rising – Berenjenas Fritas Con Miel


Romance & Wrath With Blackberry Crêpes

Podcast Link for those who would rather listen: The blackberry is often overshadowed by its brightly red-colored peer, the strawberry, on romantic holidays. This is such a tragedy. One should not underestimate the ability of the blackberry to add sweet flavors to a variety of desserts and dishes. It is equally delicious with chocolate, not to mention some people believe it is just … Read More Romance & Wrath With Blackberry Crêpes