Published Works

Mark of The Night – Released December 31, 2013

Mark-of-the-Night-CoverThe Commander of the Four Horsemen, Dante Giovanni, finds himself unexpectedly tracking a femme fatale who crosses his path at a Carnival ball. Dante and his men are tasked with eliminating the Hasan, an ancient criminal and terrorist organization. The fifteenth-century Venetian immortal is infuriated, intrigued, and captivated by the twenty-first century mortal thief. Grace only cares about one thing: saving her brother, who the Hasan holds hostage. She is put on a direct collision course with the Four Horsemen by Qasim, the head of the Hasan. The only way to free her brother is to steal an Egyptian relic that Dante carries. Hell bent on completing her tasking as quickly as possible, and not falling for the legendary charm of the womanizing Commander, Grace masquerades in 1760’s Venice to set up the most dangerous mark that she’s been assigned to deceive. The two adversaries find themselves on an ever-evolving adventure across time and the Antique Mediterranean World. The Egyptian and Celtic deities, along with the Fates, weave their two destinies together in a tangled web of deception, hope, prophecy, passion, and sacrifice.

When the Moon Bleeds  – Released July 27, 2018

KINDLE When the Moon Bleeds 9 May 2018

Omne trium prefectum, the ancient law of three, throws Dante, Rayne, and Grace headfirst into an unexpected storm of chaos not even the High Council saw brewing underneath the sands of time. Three simultaneous assaults minutes apart announce the return of a more vengeful and deadly Hasan. The cloaked enemy walks freely amongst the defenders of good breeding ill will and mistrust. The Four Horsemen and Grace are left to decipher what is reality and what is a deceptive mirage. Whispers circulate about a triad amongst the deities. Prophecy emerges about a lion, wolf, and night moon needing to align before the next blood moon to stop the Hasan’s rise to power. Human and immortal must find a way to overcome their differences and unite as one force against the new Hasan or the world is lost.