Mark Of The Night

One life is all most mortals have. So, what exactly is one life worth? 

Dante Giovanni is the Commander of the Four Horsemen. He is impulsive and regularly flouts orders. Burned once by the Fates, he disregards prophecy – even those that concern himself. Known for his valor and affinity of the finer things in life, Dante never met an opponent he couldn’t best. No one ever outwits Death.

Grace Gillingham is a professional thief for hire. She is forced to exploit immortal and human alike to survive in Roman occupied Morocco. Kidnapped out of the twenty-first century, Grace would give just about anything to destroy the Hasan, the criminal organization that stranded her in the fourth century.

Qasim, the leader of the Hasan, places Grace in a no-win situation. He requires her to steal a relic Dante carries. If she fails to obtain the artifact, she and someone she loves will die. If she succeeds, she condemns herself to life on the run from the Four Horsemen.

As the sun sets, the Fates weave human and Horseman’s destinies into a tangled web of deception, hope, romance, and sacrifice spanning time and the Mediterranean World. Will Grace save her loved one? Will she find a way to escape her fate at the Horsemen’s hands? 

Only the Fates know! 

Mark of the Night is book one in the Servants of Morrigan: Four Horsemen series, a historical fantasy epic, that combines action and romance with intrigue.

If you like Sherilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series or Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher series, then you will enjoy reading this one. Download Mark of the Night to ride across time with the Four Horsemen.

Available for purchase via the buttons below.

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