When The Moon Bleeds

What is one life worth to a Horseman?

Nothing good can come from a love affair between a Horseman and a human. Still, Dante fell for the mortal thief. He was willing to risk it all for Grace, but a Hasan agent ruined any opportunity of a happily ever after for them. Worse yet, his credibility is now on the line with the High Council after retracting his initial assessment of the Hasan threat being eliminated. Infuriated by what the Hasan cost him, Dante wants retribution; nothing will deter the Horsemen Commander from annihilating the new leader of the Hasan.

Humiliated after being left at the altar and fed up with the meddlesome High Council, Grace attempts to return to a normal life. Believing that the Hasan is gone, she decides Morocco is the best place to heal wounds. She tries to ignore odd omens and the annoying presence of Dante and Rayne Warwick who remind her that she can’t hide from destiny.

Rayne finds himself unwittingly thrust into the middle of Grace and Dante’s failed relationship. Thinking anger has gotten the better of Dante, the Horsemen Captain doubts Dante’s claim of Grace being in any danger until a harbinger warns of an enemy’s return. Remnants of a life Rayne buried centuries ago unexpectedly surface. Haunted by a past he thought erased, Rayne faces fighting two battles: one for the greater good and the other between fate and himself.

Omne trium prefectum, the ancient law of three, throws Dante, Grace, and Rayne headfirst into an unexpected storm of chaos not even the High Council saw brewing. Three simultaneous assaults announce the return of a more deadly Hasan. The cloaked enemy walks freely amongst the defenders of good, breeding mistrust. The Four Horsemen and Grace are left to decipher what is reality and what is a mirage. Whispers circulate about a triad amongst the deities. A prophecy emerges about a lion, a wolf, and a night moon needing to unite to stop the Hasan’s rise to power.

Can Dante, Grace, and Rayne learn to work as one force? Or will the rifts between them cost them their lives along with the rest of creation? 

When The Moon Blees is book two in the Servants of Morrigan: Four Horsemen series, a historical fantasy epic, that combines action and romance with intrigue.

If you like Sherilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series or Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher series, then you will enjoy reading this one. Download When The Moon Bleeds to ride across time with the Four Horsemen.

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