The First Encounter



There’s a first time for everything…

Worry plagues Raphael Fiore, Horsemen Commander, as the Horsemen ride for Luxor. Raphael has reservations about the newest Horseman, Dante Giovanni’s readiness for the field. While the High Council believes Dante is destined for greatness, Dante has a tendency to disregard things he shouldn’t. Adding to Raphael’s angst, Morrigan charged him with protecting a woman who would appear in the midst of the latest confrontation between the High Council and the Hasan.

Grace Gillingham just wants to go home. Two Hasan officers, Qasim and Fariq, promise to help her, but they need the Book of the Dead to send her back to modern day. She believes their claims of a war between their organization and an immortal High Council are some fantastical conspiracy until she finds herself face to face with the Four Horsemen. Hell bent on getting out of Antiquity, Grace refuses to let the four harbingers derail her plans to heist the book.  

Stakes are high as the High Council and the Hasan battle over one of Egypt’s most famous relics. Whoever controls the book, controls the human realm.  

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