Lost in a breathless moment

The hand trembles holding the tension in the shoulder, eyes intently focused on a small round red pin top.

A warm breeze whispers: “Relax, keep your eyes center on where you want to go.”

Willing with heart and soul the straight path to be clear of obstacles and easily followed.

Soft elk leather brushes the skin of my cheek; the tip of my middle finger finds the corner of my lips letting me know my shot is anchored.

My body, bow, arrow and world stand ready.

All I need to do is have faith and trust in myself.

To not worry about the wind or anything else steering the waiting traveler I am holding off their course.

Finger tips slip loose releasing the dark twisted prisoner they restrained.

A soft hiss rapidly fills my ear as the lone adventurer is now thrust forward, hurtling through time and space, dancing in the wind and blue sky of a fall day.

Finally I am greeted with the soft percussion of steel finding its mark.

The voyage ends as quickly as it began.

I exhale straightening and lowering my arm to see if my aim was true.

Seeing the way the red coloring encircles the gold feathered shaft like the welcoming embrace of a lover.

The longed-for goal was achieved.

The sun seems to be warmer and the Fates congratulate me with another gently blown breeze ruffling my hair.

A triumphant smile slowly spreads across my face at the small victory gained…

Ahh… the simple joys of an archer.

Written for J.M. Guillen’s Alchemy Challenge last fall. J.M. writes some wonderful futuristic tales when he is not attempting to take over the world. Check out his site and work some time at

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