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“I don’t see any history or heritage in your books.”

Wait! What?! This statement made by a reviewer took me aback. I write historical fantasy, time travel, romance, and historical fiction. Academically and professionally, I am a public historian and cultural heritage consultant. Had I botched incorporating aspects of history and heritage that badly? Perplexed, the first things I asked myself after hearing this remark were: Did I fail to world-build properly? Did I … Read More “I don’t see any history or heritage in your books.”

Through Whose Eyes?

A friend recently wrote a simple statement to me. We were PMing about a personal matter as I prepare to return to Urbino for a semester. She referenced seeing Italy this time through a different set of eyes. She has no idea how much that phrase circles around in the back of my mind. Now I am asking myself, “Whose eyes do I really … Read More Through Whose Eyes?