The House of Arsceneaux

The first book that started the Servants of Morrigan series. This work tells the story of Evariste “Gage” Arsceneaux and Caitlyn.

The Tale of Rouen

It is said those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it. But sometimes necessary secrets trap one in an endless cycle of tragedy.

Jillian, a divorced researcher, travels to Urbino, Italy, to get away from life in the United States. While she explores the winding cobblestone streets of the mountaintop town, she encounters a man from the Renaissance. Initially she thinks he is a costumed tour guide, but she learns he is a ghost with a strange story.

Rouen is cursed to wander within the boundaries of Urbino for a thousand years. Jillian is the first person in over a century to notice that he exists. Although it goes against his better judgement, he befriends the woman.

Jillian feels sorry for Rouen and decides to see if anything can be done to put his soul to rest. As she turns page after page in the archives, she learns there is much more to Rouen’s story than he shared. What she discovers rewrites the historical narrative of one of England’s most famous rulers. Ignoring Rouen’s warnings to stop pursuing secrets of the past, Jillian’s discovery draws her into Rouen’s world and the dangers that lurk there.

Shocked to find herself living history instead of writing it, Jillian is faced with the choice of sharing what she knows with the world, or allowing Rouen to slip silently back into the shadows of the past.

Tale of Rouen is a romantic fantasy novel that combines history, intrigue, and time-travel from modern day Italy to Tudor England.

War Rising

This is a prequel style book to Mark of the Night and When The Moon Bleeds that follows Rayne’s journey from a human living in the Middle Ages to becoming the immortal Horseman, War.

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