Son of A Horseman

This book will begin a YA/middle grade series that is told from Tarquin’s point of view. I’ve had several younger readers express an interest in my Horsemen series at various events and wanted to develop some age-appropriate books for them as the current Horsemen novels are definitely geared towards adults and older teens, not young readers


The title of this book may change, but it will detail some of Kieran’s story from Tale of Rouen after feedback from readers that they would like to read more novels featuring some of the other characters in Rouen’s story.

Conquered SOM: Immortal Creatures Series Book

The goddess Morrigan and Raphael Fiore’s story. This one is a clash of the titans, enemies to lovers historical fantasy romance. Morrigan refuses to surrender to the Roman forces invading her territory. She stirs rebellion and resists Rome’s might. Raphael Fiore, a Roman Camp Prefect, finds himself clashing not only with the local peoples, but a woman claiming to be a goddess who refuses to submit to Britannia’s new rulers.

Secrets One Must Keep SOM: Immortal Creatures Series Book

Prequel Story to House of Arsceneaux. It will detail the history of Morrigan, Sean Watchous, one of the original Horseman, Gabriel, and the forbidden affair between him and Morrigan’s daughter (yet to be named) that leads to Caitlin’s birth. Sean is the narrator, so a few places will be in first person, which is a different writing style for me. It will also answer a question that regularly comes up in critique group and two of my books: “What in the hell is a guide, anyway?”

A Love So Forbidden SOM: Immortal Creatures Series Book

Parallels Secrets One Must Keep Timeline – The full story of Gabriel and Saoirse’s forbidden love and the consequences they endure because of it told from their perspective. Sean doesn’t know everything like he thinks he does. This will be a balanced blend of historical fiction, historical romance, and historical fantasy.

To Be Named – SOM: Immortal Creatures Series Book

Jude Robicheaux and Allister Leblanc’s stories. She’s cursed. Her brother is a powerful vampire who doesn’t take kindly to outsiders and her father doesn’t seemed too fond of you. What’s an immortal to do when he unexpectedly falls in love and needs to win everyone over?

Romancing A Horseman – Working Title SOM: Four Horsemen

Novella about the brief period of time where Dante & Grace happily prepared for their wedding and learned to love in times of peace. At the suggestion of his peers, Death decides playing house with the mortal thief isn’t a bad idea to test out what marriage to her would be like. After all, once he took the Horsemen’s oath, he never imagined there’d come a day where he had a wife. Playing a nobleman and diplomat, Dante and Grace return to Italy to help build alliances between the human and immortal communities, posing as man and wife, fully embracing life together before….well….it all goes to Tartarus one could say?

Triad Reunited – Working Title SOM: Four Horsemen

Erotic novella concluding Rayne, Dante, and Grace’s story arch. You didn’t really think I’d leave you wondering how these three ultimately end up, did you? This story pics up where War Rising ends. Steamy with heart is the best way to describe the plot of this one.

Still so many other character’s stories to tell once this list is knocked out. And I’m sure some new ones will emerge in the process of writing everything currently planned above.

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