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Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Simple Guide to Deep PoV

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
Point of View (PoV) is a fascinating thing. It allows us to play god in the little universe we have created for ourselves (and, hopefully, our readers). And, like a zoom-in function, allows us to zoom in and out of our characters. We can either watch them from afar or listen in to their most intimate thoughts. ?…

Rapunzel Imprisoned in Ivory Tower Following Academic Dispute

Originally posted on The Grimm Report:
A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Education Correspondent, Jocelyn Koehler | @jocelynk414 At a local university, a disagreement between two rival professors has taken a more serious turn. Rapunzel Green, the daughter of one professor, is now locked in a disused and inaccessible tower on campus. She is being held prisoner by the Old Enchantress, who also happens to…

5 Things to Do Before Posting your Blog Post and other thoughts

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
When I entered the social media world, I was pretty much clueless, just like everybody else, I guess.  Anyone who knows the difference between a Facebook page and profile and all those tiny but oh-so-perceptible differences between hashtags, @ signs and .@ signs on Twitter can now leave this post to get your afternoon tea or coffee, frolic in your garden, call your friends…

My first book cover!

Graphic designer Tito Zevallos created it for me.

The Language of Zombies: Latin, Dead or Alive?

Originally posted on Rowdy Writers:
Image Courtesy of When I enrolled in my first Latin class, I received mixed emotions from my friends. “Latin? Why would you take that as your foreign language? Nobody speaks it anymore. IT’S A DEAD LANGUAGE!”  I can understand that initial reaction. One might assume learning Spanish or French would be more practical to use in a professional…